Tuesday, October 28, 2014

1. What does literature say about the reason the guitar used in so many different genres of music and not other instruments that make similar sounds?
2. What does America's taste in popular music say about our culture?
3. What does literature prove about how the evolution of popular music reflects the change in society?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Checked Off My Bucket List

I have always wanted to write on my walls and make my room my own. The only problem with this is the fact that my parents don't want me writing on the walls. I convinced my parents to at least let me write on my closet door because it won't stand out as much to them. I wrote some of my favorite quotes down in marker. I really hope to complete this eventually. I'm going to write a quote down on the door at the end of the day that goes with my emotions, or find a quote on a thought that has been in my head all day. I have also added some of my favorite lines in songs and inspirational quotes said by famous people.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Interview With Amy

     I interviewed Amy Pereira, a senior in high school. I asked her several questions that gave me a greater understanding of who Amy really is. I personally love music, so naturally I was curious about the best song she has ever heard. "Bohemian Rhapsody." Amy responded. "I like it because it is different, and sticks out." These days, the song she seems to listen to the most is "Nirvana by Sam Smith."
     When asked what she would buy with five hundred dollars, she responded,"I would buy a lot of athletic gear, like spandex and shorts." This leads me to believe that she is very involved in sports. If she could only wear one color for the rest of her life it would be "green, because it is my favorite color." Amy's favorite season is "Spring because the weather is really nice." She continued,"Everyone is outside all of the time and it is green everywhere." I was not surprised by this answer since she enjoys sports. 
     I was intrigued to hear that Amy would go to "Portugal" if she could go anywhere in the world. She then explained that she has "family living there." I was not aware that she has family living there, and found it quite interesting. She told me the best present she has ever received is," a card signed and made by friends in the seventh grade." Amy said if she could pick any super power to have, it would be to "read minds." That would be an amazing power to have! Overall, I found Amy to be a very interesting person to interview.