Monday, September 29, 2014

Incentives and Aesthetic

A)      Incentives help govern human behavior because it gives them a goal. When there is a goal, people become determined and harder working. Money seems to be the biggest motivator for many people right now. Some people seem like they will do close to anything for money. People can use money to get many different things, so naturally people are going to want money. They really want it for whatever reason they have in mind. When people get money out of being determined and hard working, they will usually do as best as they can to achieve it. If there are less incentives, people will not do there task or work as hard as they would with more incentives. If you have more incentives, you will have a better chance of motivating someone to do something that you want.

B)      My aesthetic experience was going to a stadium concert. An aesthetic experience is when all of your senses are at there full potential. It is the best feeling to go to a concert and literally feel the beat of the drums moving my body. I also love the excitement that everyone has while waiting in anticipation for their favorite musician to come on stage. It is so cool to be part of a crowed and surrounded by people who have the same tastes in music as me. All my senses were really at their full potential when I went to a stadium concert.

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